About Techsam Electronics

From its beginnings in 2003, Techsam Electronics has continually expanded its machine plant and its workforce, so that its current head count is in excess of 80 employees. We have a highly developed process line capable of assisting our customers in all their requirements, from small projects to full contract solutions. Over the years, our customers’ challenges have helped us hone our expertise and processes, so that we are now one of Sweden’s leading contract manufacturers of electronics applications.

Business concept

It is Techsam Electronics’ mission to act as a turnkey supplier of high-quality electronics applications, based on its extensive expertise and committed staff. We intend to be your first port of call throughout the entire development process, acting as a sounding board for your ideas and ensuring quality and price levels as production progresses. If we are able to optimise your production with a more suitable choice of components or processes, we will be more than happy to help with this. We derive immense satisfaction and pride from a process line that is fully optimised.
Our focus is on cost-effective electronics production, and our aim is to exceed customer expectations on quality. We know that undertaking production on behalf of our customers is a responsibility that does not just involve having the right technology. Also, and perhaps most importantly, it is in the product that our customer and our customer’s customer will encounter one another. What we produce is the customer’s brand for the end customer, and this is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We will always do more than justice to the trust and confidence placed in us by our customer, thanks to outstanding quality and products both we and our customers can be proud of.


Respect for our shared environment. In every stage, from component selection and processes to procedures in production, Techsam Electronics is clearly committed to ensuring each process constituent is assessed in terms of its impact on our environment. We seek to ensure that we do not merely meet, but indeed surpass the objectives that statutory regulations and our customer’s environmental policy require of us. We run the company with the objective of having the least possible impact on the environment, whatever the situation.


Techsam is certified to ISO 9001
Techsam is supported by the European Regional Development Fund